I have a clip from Xbox. I have tried posting it directly to discord, It didn’t work. Next I tried using Reddit and posting it from there. There were no subreddits to post it to like my other attempt, so that wasn’t going to work. On my other attempt, I decided to export it to r/rocketleague then from there to discord. It actually worked, but this time there are no subreddits to export because none of them would allow my post to exist. After that I checked Reddit for a subreddit to post it to and there were none, I was lost and today, I thought of using YouTube or Vimeo as an export and then sending to discord from there. Would that work or do I have to find another way? If I have find another way, what would be it?

  • Is this a replay file, or a video clip? If it's the latter, Youtube would be an easy solution. – BlueRaja - Danny Pflughoeft Apr 23 at 17:46

I think if you get the Xbox app on your computer, you could upload it from there

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