I have a clip from Xbox. I have tried posting it directly to discord, It didn’t work. Next I tried using Reddit and posting it from there. There were no subreddits to post it to like my other attempt, so that wasn’t going to work. On my other attempt, I decided to export it to r/rocketleague then from there to discord. It actually worked, but this time there are no subreddits to export because none of them would allow my post to exist. After that I checked Reddit for a subreddit to post it to and there were none, I was lost and today, I thought of using YouTube or Vimeo as an export and then sending to discord from there. Would that work or do I have to find another way? If I have find another way, what would be it?


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If it is a video file, just upload it to streamable.com and from there you can share it with any platform.


you can upload it to onedrive on your Xbox and then go on another device in your onedrive and download it from there.


I think if you get the Xbox app on your computer, you could upload it from there

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