On one of the loading screens for MW3 I noticed an "intel" text that said something similar to this: "You can choose 3 kill streaks for support, assault, or specialist. You also can choose one other kill streak that occurs regardless of your strike package"

I've heard about the M.O.A.B but this implies that you can choose your own killstreak. What exactly does it mean?

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You can not select the fourth "M.O.A.B." kill streak for any strike package configuration. The only way to obtain it is to get a 25 kill streak with your primary weapon, secondary weapon, equipment and/or knife.


It's saying that you have one extra slot to hold killstreaks obtained through other means. For example, if you took a killstreak from a care package it would be stored in that fourth slot. It's there so you can have your three killstreaks and still be able to take care packages.

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