Assassin Creed Odyssey has a very huge map and so many places to go, so many choices and different endings.

I was wondering if in NG+ I can keep my inventory and stay at my high level. I mean, if I want to play it again, I won't have enough free time to play my other games.

Is it possible to keep everything, or should I save my games at specific times to get back?

My Alexios is mean and angry; I wonder if I can save more lives if my new choices make him soft and friendly.


As described here you keep your current level and all your stuff but start the story again with the map reset.

What carries over:

  • Your level and mastery levels
  • Your unlocked abilities
  • All of your weapons and armour
  • Your ship upgrades
  • Your ship cosmetics
  • Any ship lieutenants that you acquired from the in-game store/Ubisoft Club
  • All of your resources, including orichalcum
  • All of your drachmae

What doesn't carry over:

  • Story progression
  • Quest progression
  • Map markers
  • Location completion
  • Cultist progression

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