So I have been doing a lot of AFK Fishing, looking for some mending books. And now, with 1.14 giving us the Grindstone that can remove enchantments, I've been using that so I can get some more books easily, for future enchantment. However, I've noticed that I have 2 stacks of books, and they won't stack together.

I know I have books from two sources: I have created some in a crafting bench/looting libraries, and some are from unenchanting them.

Is this the case?


Turns out - yes.

I had 2 stacks; one with 7 books, the other with 4. I enchanted one of each, then when I unenchanted them, they joined the 7 book stack. So I had a stack of 8, and a stack of 3.

I then crafted a new book, and it joined the 3 book stack.

After showing Advanced tooltips (F3 + H) one stack had the tag minecraft:book, the other had minecraft:book NBT: 1 tag(s).

At this point I don't know if this is intentional or a bug.

User 54D has pointed out that this has/will be fixed in a later version:

Per MC-148476 this will be fixed in 1.14+

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    Per MC-148476 this will be fixed in 1.14.1+ – 54D May 1 '19 at 12:35

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