I don't know if this speedrun of LoZ: BotW is official or not, but I was curious as to why the timer started after Link picked up the first chilli pepper?

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The reason why the timer starts late is because of the DLC, you're allowed to shave off 45 seconds from the beginning.

Rules below are for the "All main quests" completion, from Speedrun.com:

DLC Rules:
Original DLC disallows the usage of Champions Ballad DLC items/bonuses.

If you have DLC installed, you can use the following conditions to start your timer early, to counteract DLC cutscenes:

  1. –45 seconds for the Master Trials cutscene.
    Condition 1: Must not be in Master Mode.
    Condition 2: Cannot use any chests or bonuses from the Master Trials

  2. –52 seconds for the Champions' Ballad cutscene.

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