One of the obscure Morrowind script commands is RepairedOnMe, which the UESP documentation says works as follows:

Returns 1 if the calling object is repaired by given object, or 0 otherwise. For example,

if ( "banhammer_unique"->RepairedOnMe, "repair_journeyman_01" == 1 )

checks against a Banhammer being repaired by a journeyman's hammer. Obviously, the ObjectID should be a valid repair item and the calling item should be a weapon or armor.

Does this command even work? A talk page user said that the example didn't work for them, and I don't have a Windows machine to test myself.

If it does work, what's the point of RepairedOnMe? Do any mods do anything useful with that call? None of the vanilla scripts use it, so I'm wondering if it does anything useful.


I am guessing it was only for devs to quickly debug repair items and such without having to use them. Don't know if any mods use it.

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