I often need to change the behavior of more than one character in my Kenshi game. For example, I might need to turn Block, Hold or Passive off of everyone in a squad. If I have selected more than one character at a time, clicking on those buttons doesn't consistently change them all to that behavior. I end up having to check/select every character in my squad to confirm and/or change their setting, which is tedious.

Is there any way to consistently change the behavior flags for more than one character at a time? Note that I am currently playing a .99 version of the game, so it is possible this is a fixed bug in more current versions.


I don't remember the hot keys, but what you should do is to create multiple squads, then put people with a certain desired behavior in a certain squad. So you can have for example:

  • One melee squad for fighting everything & chase down runners if desired.
  • One ranged squad which only shoots what you tell them to shoot. This is a must, since it is the key to surviving friendly fire.
  • One civilian/injured squad not fighting at all.
  • I do break my people in multiple squads, but I normally break my squads up by location; for example one at Squin, one at my base, and one out exploring and looking for fights. I normally put my entire combat group into one squad; this makes it is much easier to trade stuff and make them all go to a location. I am trying to avoid the workaround of breaking them into separate 'mele' and 'crossbowmen' squads, which may be required to fix the problems with the UI not working as expected when selecting multiple chars and clicking the 'hold' or 'ranged' buttons. – Mark Ripley May 17 at 6:52
  • @MarkRipley If you want to do exploring and searching for ruins, note that the foes you meet when going northwest, south or southeast can be very nasty. The key to surviving is to have 20+ high-level members and utilize crossbows as much as possible. The same goes when assaulting a hostile city, if you are involved in some of the big faction quests. Unfortunately, crossbows also need a whole lot of manual attention or you'll wipe out your own squad quickly. I don't think there's a way around micro-managing the archers and press pause a whole lot during combat. – Amarth May 17 at 14:42

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