How can I prioritize work at the Fabrication bench when I have one main crafter?

They seem to prioritize working at the drug bench, so I added a skill cap to prevent skilled workers from making drugs, but he just moved onto the smelter, which has no such capping ability because it's unskilled labor.

The only way I can think of is to assign specific jobs to individual people, but then I lose some flexibility of being able to take advantage of colonist's down time.

Is there a way to prioritize one crafting job over another? Having to constantly select them and say "Prioritize work on Fabrication Bench" is a pain.

  • what you can do is working with restricted arease. – kevinSpaceyIsKeyserSöze Jul 4 at 13:46
  • @kevinSpaceyIsKeyserSöze That's one way. I'm on my fourth colony though, and I've had every colonist I've ever had (except one) on "unrestricted". I rather not restrict them just for that purpose. And this ended up being a non-problem once you get more crafters. I have 2 crafters at ~17, and maybe 5 around 12. Everything's been working out lately. – Carcigenicate Jul 4 at 14:05

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