In Old School RuneScape, you automatically get logged out after a certain period of inactivity. This is approximately a few minutes when not in combat, tens of minutes when in combat, and six hours no matter what. I was under the impression that the in-combat logout timer was 20 minutes, but after some accidental experimentation today, that appears not to be the case (I left a Nightmare Zone session running to go to a meeting, and about 40 minutes later I was still in combat and logged in).

How long can you remain logged on before being automatically logged out?

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    This reddit post says after 20mins of idle combat, your character just stops attacking while staying logged in. I have no way of confirming at the moment in time though... – Wondercricket May 15 at 18:53
  • @Wondercricket hmm that sounds right now that I think about it. I don't remember if I was attacking when I came back or not. – Unionhawk May 15 at 19:05

Standard Logout
After 5 minutes of non-combat inactivity, the game with automatically log you out.

Extensive Logout
After 6 hours, regardless of activity, the game will automatically log you out.

Combat Logout
After 20 minutes of inactivity while in combat, rather than logging you out, your character will stop automatically attacking the enemy. As a result, the enemy may lose aggression and eventually stop attacking you as well. Once the enemy loses aggression and stops attacking you, the standard idle timer will log you out.

If the enemies do not lose aggression, then you will remain logged despite exceeding the 20 minute mark. The Youtube video explains that he was able to stay logged in for over an hour while being inactive in the Nightmare zone because the enemies did not lose aggression and continued to attack.


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