The Thin Men in XCOM: Enemy Unknown are an enemy type that have proven to be quite a nuisance -- even early on in the campaign -- due to their ability to spit poison. Thin Men usually don't seem to travel alone, and in my own personal experience, they seem to use the poison spit ability fairly often, especially if several XCOM soldiers are clustered together.

I know that there are options that a player can pursue to make their soldiers immune to poison, such as certain armor types or carrying a Medikit. However, in my campaigns, I cannot discern what the limits are of this ability.

  • They never seem to miss when using it.
  • It affects my soldiers even when they are taking cover, and
  • The most annoying aspect of it is that there seems to be no maximum range for their spitting ability.

So, what are the limits of the poison spit ability?

Is there a maximum range that the Thin Men can use this ability? Are there any forms of cover that can block or mitigate this attack? Do the Thin Men need to be able to see you in order for them to perform this attack, or do they always know where you are? Is there a limit to the number of times each Thin Man can use the poison spit ability?

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    I'm pretty sure the only limitation is that it's on a cooldown so it can't spit every turn. – Shadur May 19 at 15:50

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