So I've been playing Skyrim: Special Edition on Steam for a while, and I have not downloaded any mods. I log off the game after an ancient dragon fight. When I get back on a couple hours later, I have probably 1 frame a second. This has never been a problem before, I've always had a normal, good framerate.

Even on the "Main Menu", there is an incredible amount of lag. However, when I pause (esc), it goes back to normal. I have turned all my graphics, sounds, everything. The lag follows me all over the map, so it's not the area. What's really weird to me is the fact that when I pause, the game runs smoothyl, but it's still incredibly laggy on the main menu.

edit: The skyrim launcher tried to read my hardware and set my setting based off of that, but failed. Just as it did the first time. It usually doesn't ask for this, it only ever did it the first time I played

Fixed: I deleted both Skyrim.ini and Skyrimpref.ini at the same time.

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    The automatic settings detection is set to that by default. The fact it didn't correctly register your hardware might cause Skyrim to be badly optimized for your specific configuration. The fact that the prelauncher did this again, suggests the original configuration files (Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini) have been altered. Did you change anything? Did Windows or Steam perform an update? – Joachim May 19 at 8:26
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    Are you on a laptop? Sounds like you switched from a dedicated gpu to integrated – Elise May 19 at 11:09
  • I am not on a laptop, I have my own desktop. lnv.gy/2YGQNj1 – SteptimusHeap May 19 at 14:47
  • The auto-detection ran the first time I played skyrim too, as it's supposed too. It also couldn't find anything, so it just set it to low. That time, everything was fine. Steam has not updated, but I think windows has. I myself have not changed anything – SteptimusHeap May 19 at 14:50
  • Can you check when the files I mentioned were last changed? Their default location is 'C:\Users\username\Documents\My games\Skyrim\'. – Joachim May 19 at 14:58

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