I know about the Poison Mushroom and the difficulty of the sequel, but what is the main other difference?

  • All the levels are different. What else are you looking for? – OrangeDog May 21 '19 at 20:06

Super mario bros: The lost levels was, in japan, Super Mario Bros 2;

But it was deemed as 'Too hard' for US audiences. So Nintendo took another game named Doki Doki Panic, reskinned it with Mario, and thats Mario 2 US.

The Japan Mario Bros 2 was then released in the US a few years later, but with Mario Bros 2 already a game, they named it The Lost Levels.

So Super Mario Bros: The lost levels is the direct sequel, with different levels and some different mechanics, to Super Mario Bros.


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  • Thank you for the answer. I kinda knew about that, but that clarifies it. – Isaac Lee May 27 '19 at 21:14

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