I main as Kayle often, so my mastery score displays as about 850k and rising.

All the rest of the people (except for once in a while it seems) have 10k and less.

This is giving my lane opposition insight into how much I play as Kayle on top lane, so the more observant ones play safer than most would.

Is there a way to reset/hide my mastery score? I'm fine with still showing the mastery 6 token, this only tells part of the story.

  • How do you know they're checking your score and not just playing safer because of the match-up and/or their own playstyle? – VanBuzzKill May 22 at 15:25
  • 1
    @VanBuzzKill You're correct that we cannot know whether the opponents are reading the mastery score, but I'm not sure that matters for the purposes of the question of how to hide it. – Roijan says reinstate Monica May 22 at 15:27
  • Guess the fact you can see the mastery level in the loading screen is made for that. As a jungler, I often look at them to know what is their weak lane, or what might be my 'I'm gonna carry alone' lane. – Fredy31 May 23 at 12:30

Although there is no official answer from any Riot employee, multiple discussion threads and my own research have hinted that it is not possible to hide or reset Mastery Points at the moment.


  • I think there's a new feature in League now, "Mastery locked". But I dont readily see the option to hide it. I main Kayle, one-trick style, and now have almost 900K mastery which brings unwanted attention. – enorl76 Sep 24 at 20:53
  • @enorl76 "Mastery locked" hides mastery on the other end of the spectrum. If your Mastery score is less than level 4, it is not displayed. Supposedly this is to prevent people from flaming players who are first-timing a champion, or playing someone they have only played a handful of times before. – Mage Xy Sep 24 at 22:31
  • Additionally, I think it's most of the playerbase acknowledges that a high mastery score does not equate to skill level. It's simply a counter for how often you've played the champ. There are Yasuo players with 1m+ mastery points stuck in Bronze, and there are Challenger players who do well on champs they've never played before. Rank is significantly more indicative of skill than mastery score. – Mage Xy Sep 24 at 22:33

Create a new account, but no seriously I don't think there is a way to hide your mastery score. I wanted to do it for my main account because like you, I used to main a champ (fiddle supp) to the point where people just wouldn't do anything but cs against me. Not that I was a high rank but people just got turned off by 200k+ points. A quick internet search to show that this has been a topic for years, leads me to believe riot does not care at this point. But hey, they give a lot of champs now for new players, so that's a plus.

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