How do I get the nausea effect command in Minecraft 1.14.2? I know there's some commands for older versions of Minecraft but none of them seem to work for the latest version...

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It really isn't hard to figure out. The syntax has changed since 1.12, but it still has the same concept. The command looks something like this:

/effect give|clear <playerName> <effect> <time> <amplifier>

You can either give or clear effects by typing give or clear. Next, you put in your username. Next is the ID. Instead of typing numbers, a name ID is required (minecraft:<effectName>). Last is amount of time the effect will last (in seconds) and it's amplifier (effect level).

Let's say we want to give the effect to a player named jenny, and we want the nausea effect for 10 seconds without amplifiers. The command will look like this:

/effect give jenny minecraft:nausea 10 0

A full-length guide on using the /effect command can be found here, and the list of possible effects and their IDs can be found here.

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