i'm in minecraft 1.14.2 and i need to know how to make armor and weapons with descriptions and custom enchantments, can someone give me tips or a blank template for making armor and weapons. Please, i need to know


There are online easy-to-use command generators, for this purpose I used minecraftcommand.science.

Because this command generator is a bit outdated for now, we are going to take two steps to achieve our goal: generating the command, and converting it into 1.13+ format.

Let's say I want a golden helmet with the name "Welcome to Arqade", lore (description) "Read the tour page" and second lore "Please", a Thorns II enchantment, and I want the helmet to be Unbreakable.

Here's the generated command from the minecraftcommand.science armor generator:

/give @p golden_helmet 1 0 {display:{Name:"Welcome to Arqade",Lore:["Go read the tour page","Please"]},ench:[{id:7,lvl:2}],Unbreakable:1}

And here's the converted version:

/give @p golden_helmet{display:{Name:"{\"text\":\"Welcome to Arqade\"}",Lore:["Go read the tour page","Please"]},Enchantments:[{id:thorns,lvl:2}],Unbreakable:1}

First of all, the JSON formatting for Name:"<name>" has changed in 1.13. Next up, the enchantment NBT formatting has changed from ench:[{id:'numberID',lvl:'level'}] to Enchantments:[{id:'nameID',lvl:'level'}]. Finally, the last change needed is putting the NBT before the item count in the command.

This is how the item looks in-game:

Golden Helmet.

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