Is there a way to trigger a random event in Skyrim using console commands?

I want to trigger the random encounter "The Drunken Dare".


An Argonian will approach the Dragonborn and claim that he had been met during "A Night to Remember" during the drunken night with Sam, claiming that he was offered 10,000 gold to break into a bandit camp and steal a hat from the chief. If the Dragonborn does not give him the gold, he will become hostile and attack. He can also be persuaded into only paying 750 gold.

Is there a way to do this through console command?

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I had thought a setstage reference would be available, but apparently not. However, since

they are all random encounters which occur some time after completing a Daedric quest

it could work to spawn Deep-In-His-Cups after finishing a Daedric quest, using the console:

Prid 000BBDA0 and then moveto player.

The Daedric quests can be started through the console if so desired, using setstage <quest id> <stage value>, and one of the following ID's:

The Black Star - DA01Introor DA01
Boethiah's Call - DA02
A Daedra's Best Friend - DA03
Discerning the Transmundane - DA04
Ill Met by Moonlight - DA05
The Cursed Tribe - DA06
Pieces of the Past - DA07
The Whispering Door - DA08
The Break of Dawn - DA09
The House of Horrors - DA10
The Taste of Death - DA11Intro or DA11
The Only Cure - DA13Intro or DA13
The Mind of Madness - DA15
Waking Nightmare - DA16

Makes me wonder what DA12 refers to..

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