The official Raft wiki says that you can capture a goat and put it on your raft...

"where they become useful as a source of milk if they are fed from a grass plot. "

It does not say exactly how you gather the milk from the goat. I get that you use shears on the llamas to get wool, but how do you actually extract milk from the goat?

  • @Wrigglenite no offense, I'm curious why you added the game title to the post? I've seen posts in the past where that is discouraged. Is there a best practice to that policy? – Tim S. Jun 4 at 14:27
  • In some cases, the title alone is so broad that it could apply to different games. In order to not cause any problems when the same question is asked about a different game, it's a good idea to add the game to the title in these cases. – Wrigglenite Jun 4 at 14:30
  • That's what I figured, which is why I used to do it, but it usually got edited out for some reason. Thanks for the feedback! – Tim S. Jun 4 at 14:46

Acording to the Raft Wiki you use a bucket to extract milk from a goat. This is a bucket's only purpose. You craft a bucket with three planks, one scrap, and one rope. Happy extracting!

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    Hah, there it is. A reference to the bucket on the Goat page would have been nice. Thanks! – Tim S. Jun 4 at 15:40
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    @TimS. I suggested an edit to the Goat page. It's been saved for me, unsure if its visible to others, but if its approved it should help clear up the confusion! – Reflexive Jun 4 at 16:05
  • Cool, thanks! (I don't see it yet, but I can't imagine it would be rejected.) – Tim S. Jun 4 at 16:08
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    The Goat wiki page has been updated with your update.. thanks for that submission! The Raft wiki definitely needs some love, for sure. – Tim S. Jun 5 at 13:10

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