• Bob and Bastion both start at full health
  • Bob only fires at Bastion from the start up to the time he disappears
  • Nobody else fires at Bob or Bastion
  • Bastion starts with a full healing meter
  • Bastion is already in Sentry mode when Bob engages
  • Bastion only self-heals; does not fire at Bob
  • Bastion starts self-healing the moment he takes enough damage to use a full tick of healing
  • Bastion can tap-heal if that makes a difference in extending his time to live

Will Bastion die before Bob disappears? If yes, how long will it take for Bastion to die?



  • B.O.B. fires a total of 78 bullets that each deal 14 damage every 8 seconds.
    • Damage per second: 112 (88 against armour)
    • Total damage: 1092
  • Bastion has 300 health (100 of which is armour) and takes 20% less damage while in Sentry or Tank configurations.
    • Armour reduces damage by half with a max reduction of 3; other damage modifications happen first.
  • Bastion's Self-Repair heals 15 health per tick (prorated over how long you held the button for the last tick, the ticking appears to be on a global timer rather than when you begin the ability) at 5 ticks per second for a maximum of 4 seconds.
    • Total healing: 300
    • For simplicity we'll assume each tick gets 15 healing (none of that proration madness).
  • When Bastion's healing is fully depleted, the healing recharges to full after 7 seconds, and it must be 20% full to use at all.
    • This equates to needing 1.4 seconds of recharge to get 4 ticks for 60 healing, for 42+6/7 healing per second.


  • With both the armour and transofmration resistances applied, Bastion will take 70.4 damage per second and thus out-heal B.O.B. for 4 seconds.
  • Once Bastion's healing runs out, he'll run out of armour at about 5.5s (from when B.O.B. started firing) and start taking 89.6 damage per second.
  • Slightly earlier than that, Bastion will get some healing back, so he'll outheal B.O.B. for a bit before dropping back down again.
  • The math after this point gets real messy. But if I've done it right:
    • Bastion will get his second short healing burst at about 7.6s, when he has 103.6 HP. His next heal burst after that would be 9.8s.
    • Bastion runs out of HP at 9.375s.
    • B.O.B. lasts for 10 seconds after he starts firing.

Conclusion 1: B.O.B. will get Bastion eventually 1v1, but it will take almost all his time.

Conclusion 2: If it is 1v1, Bastion should just shoot B.O.B., he'll will shred him in 2+2/3 seconds while surviving for 4.5s if he doesn't heal.

(all numbers from the Overwatch part of Gamepedia)

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    Thanks for doing the math. I like conclusion 2 a lot ;) – OXiGEN Jun 6 '19 at 16:25

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