So, long story short, I'm trying to have a title displayed so that it says something like, "CACox97 has won the game!" with the basic command like "@p has won the game!"

My command so far is (ran in command block):

titleraw @a title {"rawtext":[{"text":" ","extra":[{"selector":@p"}],"text":" has won the game!"}]}

If you try to run that command, it'll just say, " has won the game!"

If anyone could help me, that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Ummm… Do "titleraw" and "rawtext" actually exist in MCPE? They definitely don't in MCJE. – Fabian Röling Jun 7 at 6:45
  • Yes, it's also on MC Windows 10 Edition. – user232664 Jun 7 at 15:40
  • Sure, that's the same game as MCPE. – Fabian Röling Jun 7 at 15:45

This command will tell a random player what their name is:

/execute @r ~ ~ ~ title @s title Your name is @s

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