Today I was playing Minecraft Pocket Edition, and decided to take a quick break for five minutes. I saved and quit, then closed the app. I come back five minutes later to have all of the items in my inventory gone. Nothing remains. I ran back to my house, my chest still had everything, but my inventory contained nothing. I had so much important stuff in my inventory, including all the wool I had to make a bed. Even all of my iron tools. I’m devastated.

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    Can you please elaborate on what your question actually is? Do you want to know WHY this happened? Or how you can prevent it? Or something completely different? – bearb001 Jun 14 at 21:21
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    If you're fine with it, you can enable cheats and use commands to give yourself your items back. Otherwise, I'm not sure what can be done unless you have a backup of your world somewhere. – cherryblossom Jun 25 at 11:22

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