When a friend invites me to a game, I get a popup on the side of the screen saying "Press ⊞ Win + g to join". However, pressing that does nothing.

I tried reinstalling the "XBox Game Bar" app from the Windows Store, which made things worse - not only does the key combo still do nothing, but I also no longer see invites. Ahh!

How can I join my friends?


Well, we figured out a solution, but it's not great.

  1. Upgrade to Windows 10 v1903. This update came out last month, and causes a ton of issues. But unfortunately it's necessary for step 2.
  2. From the Microsoft Store app, download the XBox (Beta) app.
  3. From the "XBox (Beta)" app, go to social --> friends --> right-click the host --> join game

It's insane that you need to update your computer to a broken OS version and download a separate app just to join a friend's game, but there you have it.

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