In light of this post, I'm asking for games against real-life human opponents (like Random or Ranked), not Co-op or Training.

I'm playing CVs, and want to know if I ought fly around mountains to avoid enemy ships' AA while I approach them.


Since the date of this posting (after the CV rework),
flying around mountains can allow you to avoid enemy ships' AA fire.

Just make sure there is no clear line-of-sight between your planes and the ship when flying around the terrains.

The line-of-sight on a ship starts from the highest point of the ship.
And by 'highest point', it means a point in the ship where:

  • It is the highest point
  • It can be hit by a projectile. (Has a hitbox)

Additionally, the ships will not be able to spot your plane if there is a terrain blocking the line-of-sight between your plane and the ship.
(Unless someone else is spotting your plane for the other ship)

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