In multiple multiplayer servers I play in (e.g. Hypixel), There are books with text in them, and when you click on the text it takes you to a website.

How do I replicate this?

Hypixel Daily Reward Book with link

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You can use clickEvent with open_url:

/give @s minecraft:written_book{pages:["[\"\",{\"text\":\"Arqade\",\"color\":\"gray\",\"underlined\":true,\"clickEvent\":{\"action\":\"open_url\",\"value\":\"https://gaming.stackexchange.com/\"}}]"],title:"foo",author:"bar"}


url opened


A good online website for creating books is minecraftjson.com, where you can create books, tellraw commands and other JSON texts for Minecraft.

If you create a book, you can simply add a new piece of text, and then set a clickEvent with open_url, then type in the url, and you're done.

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