In the game "Marvel Collect by Topps" you collect cards of multiple rarities ect… and each time you collect a card, new or otherwise, you receive a small boost to your "Collection Score". After scouring the internet I still do not know how much my rank should go up per card, per type. So the question is:

What are the Collection Score values of different card tiers? Does the set and tier separately affect the Collection Score?


You can see this "rank" in the top center of the screen "615.52". This is not my account

Cheers!! :)

Compiling the List:

Gray Base T1 - .05

Green Base T2 - .10

Red Base T3 - .20

Blue Base T4 - .40

Black Base T5 - In Progress

Purple Base T6 / Orange Base T6 / Common / Uncommon / Rare / Ect… - Unknown

I also still do not know if the set matters to the Collection Score. Once I get enough information, I will post it as an answer.

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