On Commands#Target selectors on the Minecraft wiki, it says that r and rm are used instead of distance in Bedrock Edition to target players by distance. However, that section is incomplete for the Bedrock Edition and does not provide any information about it. It also doesn't explain how c (limit), l and lm (experience level), rx and rxm (x-rotation), and ry and rym (y-rotation) work.

How do these target selectors work in Bedrock Edition?

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r and rm stand for "radius maximum" and "radius minimum," respectively. Therefore, the following target selector in Java Edition:

@e[distance = 5..10]

is equivalent to the following target selector in Bedrock Edition:

@e[r = 10, rm = 5]

Similarly goes:

  • l and lm stand for "experience level maximum" and "experience level minimum," equivalent to level in Java Edition;

  • rx and rxm stand for "rotation X maximum" and "rotation X minimum," equivalent to x_rotation in Java Edition. (ry and rym are analogous)

c stands for "count," equivalent to limit in Java Edition.

Here is the complete table from Minecraft Wiki, including some of the parameters you didn't mention:

enter image description here

  • There is even more information that is left out in the other answer. Using data I got from messing arround with command blocks, I've made a rotation compass for ry & rym command. +x = -90. +z = 0. -x = 90 -z=180/-180. There is a limit of -180 through 180. Commented Jun 5, 2020 at 22:02

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