My bluetooth controller emulates an xbox 360 controller, but, even if it reports 16 buttons, it actually has 15 buttons. It doesn't have the home button.

There's a way to map a different key combination to open the overlay?

Also: looks like the maker of my controller cheaped out a little bit with electronics, so start+select can't be pressed at the same time (if you press one, the other will be depressed)

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Go to 'Steam' > 'Settings', and from there to the 'In-Game' tab.
There's an 'Overlay shortcut keys' box, where you can change the key-binding to anything you like:

Steam's In-Game settings

In 'Settings', there's also a tab dedicated to Controller settings:

Steam's Controller settings

Because I don't have a controller to test this out, I can't see whether or not there is an option there to change the controller keybinding for the Steam Overlay, but the possibilities seem quite extensive anyway.

Here's an in-depth guide on How-To-Geek.

  • i can change the shortcut for the keyboard, but for the controller, it's locked on the guide button... Jun 22, 2019 at 18:49

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