im making a map and for it to work i used some commands to give the player a câmera system to use , but the system teleports the player into the câmera spots for it to watch . The problem is that the player armor and items he is holding are still visible. There is any command to turn both invisible as well?

  • Does Spectator mode not work for what you are trying to achieve?
    – Ben
    Jun 25 '19 at 2:28
  • no because i need the player to choose in the hotbar what câmera he wants to see , the spectator mode dos not have inventory or hotbar.
    – D3T0NA
    Jun 25 '19 at 2:42
  • You could in theory make every item invisible using a resource pack, but then it would also be invisible in the hotbar. Jun 25 '19 at 7:45

Armor and any items you are holding cannot be turned invisible. Downloading Mods would be the only way to get them all invisible.

  • Do you know of any specific mod that would do this?
    – Stephen
    Jun 26 '19 at 4:19

You could try using the /replaceitem command to temporarily transfer the items out of the player’s hand and/or armour slots?

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