In Wizards Unite, there will occasionally be a gold beam that shoots from the Foundables that appear on the map.

At first I thought it meant to be Foundable that I had not yet encountered before. However, that theory ended up bring proved wrong after I encountered one of these and it ended up being a Foundable I had already encountered.

So, what does this gold beam mean?

Foundable with gold beam

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According to this video (starting at 42 seconds), it indicates the difficulty of the Foundable

Yellow = Medium

Orange = Severe

Red = Emergency

Also, if you view this link it says the following:

Keep your eyes peeled for a beam of light shooting up from the Traces you see in the world, these are high-risk Foundables, and as such are worthy of your time.


I believe that indicates a more difficult Foundable. There are also red beams which indicate an even higher difficulty.

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