Every time I restarted the game, I had to go through the whole "walking cinematic" with Dr. Reed, where the game doesn't prompt any means to skip it.

The reason why I'm asking about not using a save method, is because of the use of mods: he game crashes when loading an unmodded game or one that won't coincide with game's mechanics.

I was wondering if devs made about some deep mechanism about it (maybe a hidden console thing, starting the game with parameters, etc) though I haven't found any so far.

Game has some modding potential, but it seems that nobody made a mod to skip the whole prologue (starting at Sarif, augmented, 6 months later).

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It does not seem so. However, by using a glitch, you can skip most of it.

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An alternative, though not ideal, is to install the Map Selector mod. After all, debug menus are dev/cheat tools.

If never played before, the player would have the power to be auto-spoiled by the places the player would go through canonically. Also, once inside the menu, the player cannot exit the menu until choosing a map!

Lucky for me, I finished this game a long time ago, and judging by the start of the map selector's menu, it's in canon-chronological order. Also has an unused, more tutorial-oriented version of the prologue-escape map.

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  • Do be careful of choosing to install the Debug Menu mod (displayed in the linked post). Personally I got tempted trying some stuff from the get go as soon as I opened it, and ended up with Steam rewarding me the Transhumanist achievement (getting all upgrades of an aug) by accident, when all I wanted was to try removing the Infolink augment to see how the game would respond. – Fabián Jul 16 '19 at 5:58

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