I'm surprised that you cannot remove the compass on this game. In 1941 no one had a device that told them where the enemies are and where targets are. I've had to stick some paper on my TV to cover up the radar for the added realism.

In similar games - such as Medal of Honor - it is possible to disable HUD elements. Can I do the same in Call of Duty: World at War too?

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    Hello Tim. What exactly is your question? This seems more like a rant than anything else – Wondercricket Jul 8 at 17:39
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    If realism is your goal, it seems that it's possible to turn off the HUD by following the steps listed on this wiki page. – Roijan Eskor Jul 8 at 17:45
  • You need edit to your post to include the question "is it possible to hid the minimap in CoD:WaW?" Right now this post is 100% opinionated and not suitable for StackExchange. Many players (myself included) appreciate the utility of the minimap (or compass - as you call it) in the game. – PausePause Jul 8 at 17:45
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    Tim, you should consider moving this to Gaming StackExchange Chat. Regardless, designing for accessibility is a major component of game design. Players with impairments could be limited from enjoying games if they were unable to ,say, read subtitles or use the minimap. @RoikanEskor Link works now. IDK what happened. – PausePause Jul 8 at 17:51
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    To those who vote for this question to be closed as off-topic, because it is about game design, or development: This question is asking if a feature exists in the game, not why it does, or doesn't exists. Some of the comments are about game design, but the question itself is not. – user232393 Jul 8 at 20:55

As answered in the comments @Tim is playing on PS3. Unfortunately, there are no settings in-game to remove the HUD. Certain multiplayer game modes such as the Hardcore Playlist will disable the HUD but these features are not available in the campaign. I'm sorry, but without modding the console (and risking game bans from Treyarch) the HUD will have to remain.

As an aside, @Tim has expressed that they enjoy hardcore/immersive shooter games. I'd recommend the Operation Flashpoint series. It's a modern military shooter for the PS3 with realistic squad tactics and damage models. It might interest you.

  • Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions. I have a large smart tv so sticking some paper over the hud thing wont be too much inconvenience! Thanks! – Tim Jul 8 at 18:17
  • If you feel like this answered the question don't forget to mark the answer as accepted – PausePause Jul 8 at 18:21
  • Is clicking the green tick button the way to accept the answer? – Tim Jul 8 at 19:46
  • Yeah. The green checkmark accepts answers to questions you've posted. Feel free to post more questions to the site if you have any. – PausePause Jul 8 at 19:49

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