Me and my friend have recently built ilmango his mob farm. Now I have tested this mob farm in my single player world and it spawned a ton of mobs as promised. Now the thing is we built this mob farm on a Realm. I started thinking it maybe had to do something with the fact it is on a Realm? We used the exact same dimensions as ilmango and we have the same y levels etc.

So yeah, we play on a Minecraft realm.

Version: 1.14.3

The difficulty is set to Normal, maybe this has something to do with the rates aswell?

Image of the mob farm

This is a staircase we built of glass, that we built to the afk spot as seen in il mango his video. enter image description here

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This may be related to the render distance bug, or it could be a separate Realms-related issue.

Whichever of those issues are at the root, the result is that traditional mob farms which rely on natural spawning do not work on Realms servers.

Here are some accounts of other people having the same problem: 1 2 3

  • From what I have heard about the render distance bug it is with 10 or lower, I have my render distance set to 16. About the realms related issue I read somewhere that the realm jar files are the same as normal servers. Thanks for sharing this, it is not that big of a deal that there are not that many of mobs spawning as seen in ilmango his video but it would be cool to see ;p
    – Mark_Ed
    Jul 9, 2019 at 8:12

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