I cannot advance in the The Fate of The Skaal questline, due to destroying the Wind Stone ages ago. Frea's father won't let me talk to him to advance the quest.

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I think both conditions (having destroyed the Wind Stone and Storn not talking) are separate issues.

  • If you destroyed the Wind Stone by having obtained Bend Will's first shout before Fate of the Skaal (the only possible way to do so), the quest, according to the Fandom page, should be skippable:

    This quest can be completely skipped by obtaining the first word of Bend Will from Saering's Watch and shouting at the Wind Stone before meeting Frea at the Temple of Miraak. By doing so, Storn will mention the land is at peace and "The Path of Knowledge" will begin.

  • Nevertheless, Storn, Frea's father, may be taciturn:

    It is possible that once the Skaal Village has been reached that the Dragonborn will not be able to talk to Storn to begin the next quest.

    • This can be fixed by reloading an older save.
    • [If on PC] the commands setstage DLC2MQ03 70 and setstage DLC2MQ03 200 can be used to fix this.
    • According to this post, the command setstage DLC2MQ03 10 might also work as well (whether or not preceded by setstage DLC2MQ03 0), but not optimally .

    • Another way to get passive NPCs talking, is by attacking them. Sometimes they have to fall to have their AI reset, sometimes a pacifying spell (e.g. Vampire's Seduction) is necessary. Note, also, that this doesn't always work.

    • You might want to try destroying more All-Maker Stones, as it will probably change some parameters in the quest progression.

    • As per this comment, it might help to follow Frea to Skaal Village:

    For me, the problem was that I did not follow Frea directly out of the Temple of Miraak, but instead opened the black book again to gain all the items there. You should follow Frea so she will tell her story on the way to Skaal Village. Then, when you arrive, she will talk to her father and after that the quest will continue so you can also talk to her father, Storn.

Let me know what worked for you, so I can improve the answer for others.

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