I have made a Mojang account, and it registers as created. However, I can't log in. The email and password are correct, but whenever I try to log in, the login bar flashes but nothing else happens. It isn't throwing up any error messages either.

If I try to make an account with that email, it doesn't let me because it says there already is one. I am lost and confused. I haven't bought Minecraft (yet) but I know I have the account. Can anybody help me figure out what is going on? I am out of ideas.

  • What launcher, are you using, and what operation system? I may be able to answer if you include this info. Also, consider reporting the bug on bugs.mojang.com – Asadefa Jul 11 at 16:41
  • This sounds like an adblocker issue, try without. If that doesn't work (or you're not using an adblocker anyway), you should contact Mojang's customer support here. – Fabian Röling Jul 12 at 16:25
  • @Asadefa, the problem is not actually launching the game. I am trying to log into the website to edit some of my Mojang settings, and that is where it is not working. – Eragon Bromson Jul 14 at 21:27
  • we can't help with account log-in issues with the site, iirc. it's considered "off-topic". your best bet would be to attempt going straight to Mojang Support for this. – EarthToAccess Oct 15 at 3:50

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