I am making a multiplayer parkour map on bedrock edition, and I have it set up where when a player steps on a grass block they die. But when a player steps on a grass block it just kills anyone who touches it.

First: A repeat command block (set to always active and unconditional)

execute @e [type=player] ~ ~ ~ testforblock ~ ~-1 ~ grass

And then I have a chain command block (set to conditional and always active)

kill @e [type=player]

And it does work..... IF in singleplayer only. (which is not at all what I want)

Thank y'all in advance.


Put this command in a repeating, always active, unconditional command block:

execute @a ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ grass 0 kill

This will execute the command kill at all players (@a ~ ~ ~) that have a grass block underneath them (detect ~ ~-1 ~ grass 0).

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