If I change an op's "level" in the ops.json file, will it save their level individually or will it default back to the server.properties "op-permission-level"?

Just wanting to make sure before I test it and find out someone I thought I gave a level of 2 instead defaulted back to level 4.

  • Should be relatively easy to test, the wiki lists all OP levels required for commands here: minecraft.gamepedia.com/Commands#List_and_summary_of_commands – Fabian Röling Jul 15 at 13:58
  • heck, ok so I was able to set up a private server and test this out. So if you do go into the ops.json file and change an op's level, it will update the next time they join the server server doesn't have to restart for this to take effect since it's a .json file – Flame Candy Jul 15 at 21:03
  • That seems like a good thing to write as an answer. – Fabian Röling Jul 15 at 21:43

After letting curiosity get the best of me, I decided to run a private Minecraft server to test this question, and I've found that you can indeed simply edit the ops.json file and change a user's op permissions level.

For those that are curious as to how that change will take effect; understand that a .json file is pretty much a running script that never stops until the "host" being the server stops, and with knowing that, an op will not be affected until they re-enter the server after the ops.json file is updated.

TL;DR Yes, you can change op levels individually to each user by updating their level in ops.json just be sure to update the ops.json before they join for it to take effect, also, you don't have to restart the server for the updated ops.json to apply to the server rules

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