After the nuclear apocalypse there are pockets of radiation covering Russia. Artyom has a gas mask to protect himself from most of Russia's dangers, but it's use isn't fully explained.

Does radiation exposure in the wasteland have any long-term effects or does it only deal short-term damage? Similarly, does Artyom need to wear his gas mask when entering all radiation hot zones? If so, does the gas mask reduce or fully negate damage from radiation?

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Being in a radioactive hot-zone and then leaving it alive does not have any long-term effect on the gameplay, just short term damage to your health.

Wearing a gas mask is not related to the radiation hot-zones, it used to prevent inhaling radioactive dust (thus preventing Artyom from suffocating). In the hot-zones the direct radiation is so high it will kill you regardless of you wearing a mask or not.

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