So I found this video

supposedly you go on a date with Sans but this is different than the Papyrus date and besides that, I never saw this in the game maybe, I have not gotten to this part. But I did go to Grillbys with Sans and I thought they were just hanging out as friends. So is the Sans date real or a hoax?

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  • This part is in the game but I've never heard anyone call it a date before. – DJ Spicy Deluxe Jul 18 '19 at 21:01
  • This scene is less of a date and more like a friendly chat. I did not feel like it was a date when I encountered this scene. – Crovaxon Jul 29 '19 at 15:45

So it looks like you can get dinner with Sans if you go to Grillby's and talk to him before heading to the core. In most of the videos I've found in the descriptions it says "this is my favorite scene in the game" or something along those lines proving that it's in the game. Weather it's a date or not it up to you to decide really because they did go out to dinner but no one said anything about a date.

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