With +fps_max unlimited it still caps with the following behavior:

  • On "Triple Buffered" FPS Locks caps at 60 & g-sync works
  • On "Adaptive" FPS moves freely between 60-89 but monitor caps refreshes 60 (my monitor says it's hardware refresh rate with hardware buttons & I see tearing)
  • On "Disabled" FPS is 240 and monitor caps at 60 and there's crazy tearing





  • Also, If you're using 'Fullscreen', make sure that the resolution setting doesn't also set the refresh rate to 60hz. – bxk21 Jul 24 '19 at 18:49

Apparently Dynamic Super Resolutions conflict with the driver reporting max refresh rate to the game, even if they are not in use. They MUST be disabled.

Right click Desktop > nVidia Control Panel > Mange 3D Settings > DSR - Factors > Set to Off

Apex Legends > Settings > Video > VSync > Double Buffered

enter image description here

Other things I happen to also change before it worked, that I presume were unrelated: repairing the game. Removing & re-apply the Origin In Game FPS counter. Settings the game resolution to 1600x900

  • This seems to happen on GTX 1080 but not RTX 2080 Ti – Jonathan Apr 9 '20 at 8:19

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