I am trying to setup SteamVR to work on Ubuntu 16.04 with two Valve Basestations 2.0 and a HTC Vive tracker.

What I did so far is to put the two basestations 5 meters apart and looking at each other. Then, if I put the HTC Vive tracker in the middle and run SteamVR, this is what I get.

enter image description here

enter image description here

That is, it looks like only one basestation is properly working. In fact, the room overview shows the same situation.

enter image description here

We configured the null driver to disable the headset. Can this be the cause?

The headset is disabled at startup.

   "LastKnown" : {
      "HMDModel" : "Null Model Number"
   "direct_mode" : {
      "enable" : false
   "driver_null" : {
      "displayFrequency" : 30,
      "enable" : true,
      "id" : "Null Driver",
      "renderHeight" : 300,
      "renderWidth" : 640,
      "secondsFromVsyncToPhotons" : 0.10000000149011612,
      "serialNumber" : "Null 4711",
      "windowHeight" : 300,
      "windowWidth" : 640,
      "windowX" : 100,
      "windowY" : 100

How can I fix this issue and have both basestations to work?


This can be due to one of two possibilites:

  1. The tracker is too far from the headset
  2. There is no direct sight line between the headset and the tracker

Make sure it's close with nothing blocking the sensor.

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