I have two possible version available for purchase on Steam:

Steam store page for wolfenstine

I assume the ~$50 version gives me the english version + the buddy pass.

On the other hand the ~$40 version gives me the english + german version but no buddy pass?

It just looks weird because looking at the packet information for the english + german version it looks like the $50 version is included:

enter image description here

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I've now bought the Deluxe Version and even if it doesn't say it, this version contains both the international and the german version of the game.

Secondly I agree with Anne Kate and the bundle probably doesn't contain the deluxe version and the higher price shown is only a mistake.


From the images you posted and from looking at the two versions on steam I would say it is a mere mistake that it shows the price of the deluxe edition. I think the bundle comes with the German and international base version. And there is a separate option to buy the international version as a deluxe edition, with the buddy pass. Either way, I would suggest opening the international one from within the bundle's page (second screenshot) and check which version it is.

  • Opening the internation one from within the bundle's page leads to the first screenshot. But you are probably right and it's just a mistake in the bundle about the price.
    – Merl
    Jul 24, 2019 at 16:16

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