This morning, I encountered my first Team Rocket grunt at a black pokéstop. Upon spinning the spot, I became engaged in a battle with the grunt and battled their shadow Pokémon. After I defeated them, it came to a post-battle screen similar to a raid battle that displayed the number of premiere balls I received.

There were two bonus categories where I received 0 on - Hero and Purifier. How do I obtain these bonuses?

Grunt battle summary


The two bonuses correspond to two new badges of the same names added to the game:

Hero – Defeat 10 / 100 / 1000 Team GO Rocket Grunts

Purifier – Purify 5 / 50 / 500 Shadow Pokemon

Having these badges will grant you the bonus balls, with additional levels in the badge gaining additional extra balls.

(Source for the badge levels; Source for the bonuses.)

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