Me and my friend are playing a minecraft survival, but went into creative to do a build. When we finished, I de-opped both of us but I didn't realise he was still in creative.

How do I go about changing him into survival? Or is it not possible?

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    Dedicated server or LAN game? – Fabian Röling Jul 23 '19 at 22:38

If this a server, (which it seems like it is since minecraft-server tag) then go in the console and do this command: /op <Your IGN> or /gamemode survival <His IGN>

Otherwise, if it is an LAN server, you can do something a bit like this:

First, go into the menu (press esc)

Next, select Open to LAN and then go to Allow Cheats as seen here:Allow Cheats

Then press that button, Start LAN World and voila, you have yourself OP.

You could ALSO just set the gamemode to survival, and then that would put him in survival.

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