So I know there are similar questions on Google, but they had something to do with their Nvidia driver, which I don't have or any way to get it (I'm just a kid, I don't have enough knowledge to go through my PC stats and get an Nvidia driver or whatnot).

I did try the reducing lag methods (such as going into Roblox studio and turning off frame manager and changing the render distance to a lower resolution), but I still get stuttering frames, just barely-noticeable but gameplay-changing amounts of lag and just overall server lagging (pressing a key and the function of the key happening about a second later, people teleporting and such).

This isn't my PC problem - my 2 PCs had no problem running Roblox about 2 days ago, then one day I turned on my wireless PC and it just seems to have lag. I thought this may be just it being wireless and tried my wired one, but that had the exact same problem. I also tried disabling my antivirus on my big PC, which did seem to get rid of a tiny bit of lag but still lagging the same way nonetheless. Others seem to not have this problem, re-installing or restarting the PC doesn't work, and Roblox didn't update until today (which still lags). This is extremely frustrating, any help will be appreciated.

  • Did you try to visit other simple games, such as Escape Prison Obby? Whenever I play complex games like Jailbreak I often lag. – Oliver Ng Jul 25 at 9:55
  • Well I only tried Void Script Builder and Reason 2 Die, and even in completely empty VIP servers in VSB it still had the same lag. – Hu sh Jul 25 at 12:34
  • And that still doesnt explain why I suddnly started lagging in games that ran perfectly fine before on both pc's. – Hu sh Jul 25 at 12:34
  • I tried the game, it doesnt have people teleporting, but my chat still takes about 1 second to get sent. – Hu sh Jul 25 at 12:36
  • Also, I can no longer hold the backspace button to delete all my messages like in here, if that mattered(I have to spam-tap backspace to delete my chat, unlike just holding them) – Hu sh Jul 25 at 13:01

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