I want to use the below command:

/execute if entity @p[x=-1856.5,y=122.0,z=-133.5,distance=..3.5] run tp @p ~-4 ~1 ~

but using relative coordinates to the command block instead of these specific ones.
Is that possible?

Edit: Also, could I compress various relative coordinates into one single command block?
What I mean is, for example (I'm not sure if the syntax is correct):

/execute if entity @p[x=~1,y=~1,z=~1] and [x=~2,y=~2,z=~2] run tp @p ~-4 ~1 ~

  • What should your "and" do? Commented Jul 26, 2019 at 9:09

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What you want is /execute positioned:

/execute positioned ~ ~ ~10 if entity @e[distance=..3] run <command>

This runs the command if there's an entity within a 3 block radius circle around a position 10 blocks into positive Z direction from you.

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