I am trying to create a solution to this question on PPCG in Geometry Dash.

I am using spawn and instant count triggers to simulate looping. For example:

enter image description here

However, when using more complex loops and/or many loops executed one-after-another using an instant count, it glitches.

In the above example (transferring count 1 to 2), let's say we use an instant count to check whether count 1 < 1 (==0) and move to the next loop if it is (because the loop would have ended due to the first instant count not triggering the spawn trigger), and the second loop would be to transfer count 2 to 1. However, as count 1 is nearly about to become zero, the second loop triggers, making both loops run at the same time.

How can I make the second loop run after the first loop is finished?

What I have tried

  • Modifying the delay in the spawn trigger to be higher (fails for large count numbers)
  • Putting in an extra spawn in between loops to delay the second loop (fails for large count numbers)

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