I am wondering how long the main quest line is?

I'm also wondering how long some of the guild quest lines are, and if you rank up in position in certain guilds/factions like you did in Oblivion?

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    Well, if you are a Skyrim developer... just a tad over 2 hours – l I Dec 19 '11 at 22:25
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The game technically never ends because they continue to randomize quests after you have completed all of the handcrafted quests.

The main quest itself is supposed to take around 30 hours for an average game.

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There are three acts with 6-7 quests in each act.

You can find all kinds of info on quests on the Skyrim Wiki. The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages are also a good resource.

The amount of time it takes is completely up to you.


The main quest is odd, because you'll probably end up doing a few sidequests without realising it. But the story line quest took me three days and I played around 3-4 hours each. So around 9 hours, and I was also a level 12 when I finished, so if you're higher it could be shorter still


Well it really depends on how fast you are going, But overall iv'e heard 300+ hours mentioned more than once.

I personally will be finishing every single quest in the game and search every tomb,house etc... Just about 3-4 month's worth of gaming :)

It all boils down to how long you can last in the game,There is no set timelimit or timetable

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    You know that missions are infinite and randomly generated... so "finishing every single quest" could take some time – Coomie Nov 25 '11 at 2:14

The main quest shouldn't take long if you can conjure Dremora Lords. I was able to get lords in about 15 hours from the start of Skyrim. Also a tip is to get the dragon priest masks while you're there.

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