My Petra is an assassin, doing a very good job of her role.
While looking at her stats, I noticed some of them have blue text, rather than black text, notably her speed and defense.
At first I thought, that must be the max stat this class can get.

However when I went into battle she leveled up, and her speed went up by 1.
Afterwards, I used a speed increasing item, and it still went up by 1, so it looks like it is not the cap for that stat.

Does anyone know what these blue stats mean?

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The blue numbers refer to boosted stats.

This can happen for various reasons, such as equipped skills, items, or Battalions, being the target of a Rally, or being dismounted, among others.

Conversely, stats that are being hindered are red.

You can see what exactly is boosting (or hindering) each stat, by pressing the X button (Details) and moving your cursor towards the colored stat.


According to the screenshot (the Detail window is in the lower center), Dorothea has 18 Charm + 1 from the Merchant Military Battalion, for a total of 19 Charm.

You can only see those details during battle, however, as they won't display when viewed from the student roster.

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