During the last event (The one that spawned a ton of Ralts with increased shiny chance) I got multiple shiny Ralts. My friend didn't get any so I wanted to trade him one of mine. But when I tried it said that I didn't have enough stardust. It doesn't say how much more I need it just says I can't trade. How much stardust do I need to trade?

Then later I traded with another friend and we tried to trade again but it said I can only do one special trade per day. Is there another way to trade pokemon so we can do it multiple times in one day?


Special trades are unregistered, shiny or Legendary Pokemon.

The amount of stardust depends on your friendship level and what you are trading it can be between 100- 1,000,000 stardust.

You can find the exact value of the trade you want to do with a quick search.

For shiny Pokemon that is new:

  • Good - 1,000,00
  • Great - 800,000
  • Ultra - 80,000
  • Best - 40,000

The only time they have allowed multiply special trade in one day is if you are at a go fest.

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