(Playing Sky Factory 4, if that matters)

I made a set of armor using the Construct Armory, a Tinkers' sub-mod.

I thought that the Parasitic modifier would be good to put on my armor to keep it from breaking.

Parasitic consumes food to repair armor.

But it consumes food way faster than I expected. Every time I get hit, it becomes basically impossible to keep my health and food up and I'm burning through food. My stockpile of food isn't that much of an issue so much as just constantly having to eat and needing stacks of food any time I go somewhere.

The armor is currently Adept and I don't really want to start over (Though, I will accept that answer if it is the only option).

I considered Leveling up the armor enough that I could make it unbreakable, but that seems worse than starting over.

How can I mitigate or remove this problem?

Note: I tried adding Pig Iron for the Tasty effect to eat the armor when hungry and that only made things worse.

  • I'm pretty sure SkyFactory has some ways of never having to eat again. And you can probably also unenchant something (if this is even an enchantment, I don't know). – Fabian Röling Aug 9 at 14:56
  • @FabianRöling I don't know those ways, if they exist. And they're Armory Modifiers, not enchantments. – goodguy5 Aug 9 at 14:56
  • Personal nanobot beacon from Environmental Tech, with saturation modifier provides infinite saturation. It must remain chunkloaded to remain in effect to the owner. Not sure if Sky Factory has it though. – SF. Aug 13 at 8:00

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